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Minimizing your risks along the way

A dedicated, focused and results oriented Software Development Leader with 30 years experience delivering a unique combination of technical knowledge, customer centric fundamentals, management skills and innovation.  He has spent the past 25 years as a leading innovator, software developer and customer advocate, nurturing growth of small companies into larger companies.  Strong track record of creativity, leadership and strategic planning. Demonstrated success in delivering high quality products, leading change, building strong teams and culture of teamwork, and developing successful leaders.  Was a member of original BlackBerry development team, handheld and Enterprise server.Experienced in embedded and enterprise scale software development.  Experience with scaling infrastructure to accommodate business growth.  Holds two software patents (two more pending) and co-authored several research papers in Software Engineering and Practice.

Sinha Consulting Group Inc.

Anand Sinha


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Mission and GuidINg Principles

Our mission is to help high tech entrepreneurs grow into a profitable, sustainable, business. 

The values we hold define how we work.  We treat everyone with honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust.  Our success only happens when you succeed.  We build trust through open and honest communication.  We offer advice to help navigate the myriad of options for growth, funding, technology - the final decision is always yours. We are on your side.  We want to help you meet your goals, through our knowledge, experience, and research.

Everything we do is with passion and professionalism!  We will have fun and success together!